Santa Pola

Santa Pola is a small, genuine fishing village with almost 40,000 inhabitants. Despite the low number of people, the city is full of life all year long. There are a wide range of characteristic restaurants and shops. At the harbor there is a fish auction in the afternoons, when the fishermen return with their catch of fresh seafood. From the harbor there are also daily boat trips to the amazing island of Tabarca. This is the pride of many Spaniards despite their barely 100 inhabitants. The island has rocky beaches and cliffs. Every Monday and Saturday, the market is kept in the city with a wide range of goods. Here you will find fruit and vegetables, clothes, jewelry, handbags, and genuine leather shoes made in the beautiful shore of Elche. Elche is only 1 mile away. The national as well as the local public holidays are taken seriously. They celebrate all the festivities called fiestas. The town is small and only 1 km wide and 1 mile long. The wonderful seafront follows the city's length. Santa Pola has amazing blue flag beaches. This means that they have an international environmental award that meets the criteria for extremely good water quality. Every morning all beaches are thoroughly cleaned so you can safely walk barefoot on the long beaches. Santa Polas beaches are also a popular retreat for kitesurfers, windsurfers and paddleboarding. Here are also swim events organized for Tabarca, marton and beach volleyball competitions. Also biking, and mountain biking are popular. Santa Pola is located right on a nature reserve. In the large nature reserve there are many hiking and cycling routes as well as nice views.

Gran Alacant

Gran Alacant is an area 100 meters above sea level. It gives great views. Here there are 10,000 inhabitants, Spaniards, Scandinavians and Englishmen

A large part of the area consists of nature reserves, beautiful green areas with amazing hiking and biking trails. Beautiful view. Despite its small area, and a small number of inhabitants, the area has a calm and nice pulse throughout the year. Here are all the amenities you need. There are banks, hairdressers, shops, gym, spa, pharmacy, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, Scandinavian doctor and a shopping mall. Gran Alacant has one of the coast's finest beaches, Las Dunas del Carabassí, with golden brown sand and turquoise clear waters. This is also a popular attraction for kite and wind surfers. Gran Alacant has a beautiful Mediterranean climate all year round, and the average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. From the beach and the mountain you can see the island of Tabarca, also known as the pirate island, and is an incredibly beautiful place to visit. Around the island there is a cool marine life, and many come here for snorkeling or diving. Gran Alacant is just 10 minutes by car from the airport and the beautiful city of Alicante. If you are 15 minutes west you will find the city of Elche. Near Gran Alacant you will also find a wide range of popular golf clubs and golf courses.


Alicante is one of the fastest growing cities in Spain. There are a variety of restaurants offering everything from traditional Spanish cuisine to sushi and Thai food.

In the old town, churches carry exciting stories. There are charming little shops and countless tapas bars. The old town, El Barrio, is where it happens. Opposite El Barrio is the charming Santa Cruz district. This is a cozy place to stroll around. The pedestrian street Calle Mayor is a lively part of the town, with many restaurants in a row.

Castillo de Santa Bárbara is Alicante's landmark. It dates back to the 800s when the Arabs built the castle which at that time had control over the Iberian island. From the top you can enjoy spectacular views of Alicante and the Mediterranean Sea. Take the elevator through the Postiguet beach to 20 kroner. Otherwise you can rent a car or if you are in a hurry, you can choose to go through the old city walls to the top. Wherever you are in Alicante, you can see the castle 166 meters above the cityscape.

The harbor promenade is an attraction in itself. Walk through the streets while shopping for souvenirs, items and clothes. Experience musical street performers, artists and outdoor restaurants. Swing palms extend across the street, and over 6.6 million red, black and cream colored stone slabs cover the seafront.

San Juan  

In the northern part of the city of Alicante you will find the amazing San Juan beach area and San Juan Playa. Here are beautiful white wide beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters.

There are good connections by bus and tram to Alicante city center. You are in the city center in 10 minutes. In San Juan Playa there are many shops and restaurants, as well as all amenities. San Juan is a perfect place for those who do not want to live in the middle of a big city, but still have it close to hand. In San Juan Playa, it's a nice pulse all year round. Along the beach there are all kinds of restaurants and beach bars, some of which are actually on the beach itself. In San Juan Playa, the golf course is Alicante Golf. There are many public parking lots nearby, as well as areas reserved for various sports activities such as beach volleyball, football, windsurfing, etc.


Villajoyosa is a genuine Spanish city full of culture and rich in history. Villajoyosa is located 32 km northeast of the city of Alicante. The town has 15 km of coast. The town is on the long golden brown beach and has beautiful turquoise waters. The oldest part of the city has become a historic monument and should be discovered. The city consists of narrow streets and beautiful old buildings of different colors. This is a city with a lot of history and museums. Villajoyosa has long been an important fishing village.


140 km from Valencia and 80 km from Alicante, is Benidorm the tourist capital of Costa Blanca. Benidorm is best known for its skyscrapers, but also has amazing beaches. Benidorm has unique places with a fantastic mix of sea, beaches, skyscrapers and the high mountains in the south.

The city consists of 71 000 inhabitants, and the city is visited by 3 million tourists each year. Benidorm has golden sandy beaches and turquoise waters, offering many types of water sports. The beaches of Benidorm have been designated as one of the best in Europe. Playa de Levante is a lively beach. If you want to enjoy a quieter pace, you can go to Poniente Beach. This beach is in the middle of the city it too. The city has a lot to offer, many nice bars, restaurants, shopping malls and a variety of entertainment and amusement parks. The longest beach follows the beautiful road that gives a very good impression of the city. Benidorm has a beautiful and lively pulse all day and night. In Benidorm it is also Europe's tallest hotel and has a fantastic view from the terraces and is worth visiting.

Sierra Cortina

In the mountains behind Benidorm lies Sierra Cortina. Sierra Cortina has a perfect location overlooking Benidorm and the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time it is secluded, private and has access to stunning scenery. Sierra Cortina has a very good location, with all amenities close to hand. Quick access to shops, amusement parks, shopping malls and bars.

In Sierra Cortina lies Europe's most luxurious hotel, Asia Gardens, and a variety of amusement parks. Here you will find a wide selection of golf clubs and golf courses. Just a few kilometers down to Benidorm's nightlife and the beautiful beaches.

La Zenia

La Zenia is located south of Torrevieja, and belongs to Orihuela Costa. The town is small but has many possibilities. In La Zenia, Orihuela's main shopping center, La Zenia Boulevard. There is also a wide range of restaurants, bars and various service facilities to meet everyone's needs.

In La Zenia, many pensioners from different countries live permanently, although most are European holiday homes. La Zenia has an excellent location with the wonderful beaches of La Flamenca and La Zenia nearby. Only 15-20 minutes drive to Murcia airport and 50 minutes to Alicante airport. La Zenia is also close to the popular tourist resort of Torrevieja, as well as Punta Prima and Los Altos.


Torrevieja is a very popular city for tourists, and the population is from almost 180 countries.

Here you will find all the facilities you can imagine, both Spanish, English and Scandinavian. There is a wide selection of hairdressers, banks, restaurants, shops and bars. In Torrevieja there are both Swedish and Norwegian churches, and Torrevieja has one of Europe's most modern hospitals. In Torrevieja there are large salt lakes protected by nature park. The lakes are beautiful and very mineral rich. They are therefore a popular attraction for tourists to swim in. 10 km from Torrevieja you will find La Zenia and La Zenia Boulevard which is a shopping mall and a popular tourist destination. About 3 miles from Torrevieja lies the beautiful city of Elche, famous for its shoe production. Near Torrevieja there are also many golf courses. Here, like the rest of the area around and south of Alicante, you will find a fantastic micro climate that provides pleasant warmth throughout the year.


Just north of Benidorm you will find the amazing resort of Albir. Here is a beautiful rocky beach with crystal clear turquoise waters. Albir is many tourists' own paradise, and residents are mostly European.

The city has a very nice pulse all year long and is next to the beautiful city of Altea.
Here you will find all conveniences such as restaurants, fine bars, shops, food stores and Scandinavian doctors as well as dentists.

Staden har en mycket trevlig puls âret om och gränsar till vackra staden Altea.


Busot is a small and very charming town bordering Aigües, Alicante, ElCampello, Relleu and Jijona / Xixona. To the northeast you see the high beautiful mountains, and to the southwest the landscape is flat. You can see green nature and a glimpse of the ocean. Here are both new and old buildings. The village center is located in the mountainside. Here are the cafés, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, grocery stores, as well as the beautiful municipal house. In front of the municipal house is the square which is incredibly cozy. Here there is always life and movement in cafes and restaurants around. In Busot, only 3200 inhabitants live and make up a beautiful little community in the village. The average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. Busot has a beautiful green landscape wherever you see and is perfectly located with big cities and golf courses around. It takes only 25 minutes to Busot from Alicante airport about 15 minutes to Alicante city center. 10-12 minutes to the beautiful, long beach of Campello. Busot is a very quiet and pleasant city that is perfect for those seeking a relaxing place to be. Despite the few inhabitants and the quiet pace of the charming little town, it is a very nice and calm pulse. In Busot you can discover the ancient ruins of Canelobre's caves.

Ciudad Quesada

The town of Quesada is about 6 - 8 km from the coast, and is a popular place among tourists. Many foreigners have their holiday homes in Quesada.

Quesada is a smaller town but has all the amenities you could wish for. Such as banks, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, hairdressers, supermarkets, shops and spa hotels. In Quesada, it is also the famous waterpark worth visiting. Here the residents are from all different parts of the world. In Quesada you can also think about visiting the nearby and popular golf courses. Quesada is close to the two great salt waters lakes, rich in minerals and good for swimming. With a 5-10 minute drive you reach the wonderful beaches of Guardamar, La Marina and Santa Pola. You can also drive to the big city of Elche, famous for its great shoe production, palms and culture.

Daya Vieja

Daya Vieja is a small town with almost 300 inhabitants. The village is very authentic and charming, despite the small population, it is a city of life and movement.

The city's location is ideal for those seeking a quiet and pleasant area. The village is still close to shopping, big cities, tourist resorts, amazing beaches, golf courses and more. Around the village lies many farms and green, beautiful scenery. The main activity here is agriculture and it grows a lot of artichokes and potatoes. The little town is a bit "old Spanish", making it incredibly cozy and charming. There is a nice square with a nice restaurant with a lot of green vegetation around. There are some shops, restaurants, food stores, church, hotel and town hall. Much work is done to keep the city clean and tidy, and flowers are planted along the roads. An important celebration that the local inhabitants takes most seriously is at the end of September. 10 km from the charming little village lies Guardamar with its amazing beaches, 1.7 km from the village lies the beautiful city of Elche, famous for its shoe production. 16 km from the city is also the tourist resort of Torrevieja, and Punta Prima and La Zena are 20 km away. In the middle of the city, a viewing tower has been built to protect the peaceful palm trees that grow there. In Daya Vieja, there are both older and new modern buildings that give the impression that they want to keep the elderly alive, yet think new and modern.

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